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Welcome to Nordmaling

Nordmaling has a splendid location, right on the coast. It offers public services, good sports facilities and a quiet, safe environment. If you want big arenas, shopping malls and cultural centres, a 45-minute journey in either direction will take you to Örnsköldsvik to the south and Umeå to the north.

Nordmaling´s location in between Örnsköldsvik and Umeå means there are two airports within easy reach, providing gateways to the rest of the world! Daily bus services along the coast of Norrland with stops at smaller villages also facilitate good communications. At present the Bothnia Railway is being built which will further improve communications. When the railway is complete, the nearest two towns will be only twenty minutes away.

Being located close to forest, river and the sea, Nordmaling is great for outdoor pursuits. There are fine hiking trails in the municipality and good fishing waters. If you are interested in sports, there are many excellent facilities e.g. ice-skating hall, sports hall, swimming baths and downhill ski slope. A wide variety of clubs and societies offer activities like horseriding, shooting, fishing, sports and cultural interests.

For information about accomodation, activities, events etc in the Nordmaling area, please contact Nordmaling tourist center, +46 930-140 52. You can also fins information on our tourist website.

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